Aashray Home For Destitute Girls in India


Aashray Home, the social mission arm of Outreach India, seeks to rehabilitate young destitute girls in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Our home aims to provide a safe place for girls who are either orphaned or come from poverty-stricken families that are unable to cater to the child’s needs. The home provides food, clothing, shelter, and schooling to these girls aged between 5 and 16 years. It teaches the girls personal hygiene and cleanliness, provides them with school materials and gives them a safe home to grow up in.


19 girls

3 staff and teachers

US$1,100 monthly to meet the home’s full expenses


We see these young girls as the future of their society as they grow up to become Christ’s Ambassadors and carriers of the Gospel. With godliness, these children will shape the future of their villages with their own gospel-transformed lives and by being instruments of change.


Outreach India was formed in 1968. Aashray Home, one of its social outreach arms, was formally instituted in 1985. It is currently run by Pastor John George and his family. This ministry has been made possible by the financial support that various donors have given to the girls over the years.

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