Through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we have the hope that as we educate a child we are educating a nation.

Helping rescue children from delinquency and illiteracy by purchasing school supplies so that they can attend school.

Helping our children to achieve their highest potential and become future leaders with a Godly character and conduct. 

O Semeador (the Sower) brings the Gospel to children through play, song, dance and by teaching the Word of God. 

Help children to hear of God’s love through stories, songs and preschool programs.

O Bom Samaritano feeds malnourished children and shares the Gospel through its network of rural health clinics.

Bringing the message of God’s love and hope as a Father to children who have lost their earthly parents, so they can know that they are special.

Helping transform the lives of children in Ivory Coast through quality education and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The “New Life Language School” is a Christian school in Egypt with around 400 students from Kindergarten till Grade 9.

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