Child Protection Policy

World Outreach Child Safety Policy

WOI takes its responsibility to protect and nurture children seriously, creating a safe and positive environment in which to grow. We believe it is never acceptable for any child to experience abuse of any kind. Protection of children is the responsibility of every adult within our organisation. WOI Child Safety Policies and Procedures are consistent with the Child Safety and Protection Network Best Practice Standards.     

1. WOI Commitment 

As an organization, WOI is committed to: 

a. Valuing children (defined as anyone under the age of 18) and ensuring their safety in all locations and facilities where we are responsible to care for them. This includes but is not limited to: WOI functions, children under the care of WOI personnel, children’s homes, schools, preschool, children’s programs, or in any WOI ministry facility;   

b. Striving for excellence in the care and nurture of all children for whom we are responsible;  

c. Ensuring that all personnel involved with children are given support and training;  

d. Clearly understanding and regularly communicating procedures for dealing with concerns about possible abuse;  

e. Complying with legal requirements in reporting as required. 

 2. Zero Tolerance 

WOI has a Zero Tolerance policy for sexual abuse of a child. 


 WOI will not knowingly allow any person to work within a WOI ministry or accept into membership any applicant who has at any time during their adult life confessed to, been disciplined for or convicted, pled guilty or no contest to, or found civilly liable for child sexual abuse. 

No one who confesses to or is proven to have sexually abused a child will be able to remain in or be returned to field service whether the offence was committed during his/her time in WOI or previous to that. 

All reports of child abuse will be responded to thoroughly following due process. 

 3. WOI ministries Child Safety policy  

Child abuse is serious and its consequences far reaching.  Implementing child safety policies and good working practices is required by all WOI ministries. Therefore, all WOI ministries must have a WOI approved Child Safety Policy regardless of whether they work directly with children or not.   

 4. Reporting child safety concerns  

WOI personnel are required to report any child safety concerns.  

 5. WOI leadership will support and abide by the outcomes of a child safety enquiry. 


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