Christian Home and School in Indonesia


Mount Hope in Kalimantan, Indonesia is a Christian school offering education from Kindergarten to high school. There are 150 live-in children and another 300 children attend the Day School. Some of the parents are currently paying for their boarding children. Every child is given the opportunity to receive Christ into their lives. Although we don’t have a building for the senior high school, we do have senior high school students who live in but attend a public school. Mount Hope drive them to their schools in a school bus. Here, they learn to become good, honest citizens and followers of Christ. After High School we provide them counsel in their career choices. Some have gone on to teacher training colleges, Bible schools, the police force, to learn nursing etc.


450 students

50 staff and teachers

US$36 monthly to assist students who can’t afford fees (50 students)


By providing education and the opportunity to know Christ, we want the children to be educated in all aspects of life.


Mount Hope was founded by Sam and Carol Soukotta in 1998.

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