We endeavour to send as much as possible of each donation to the children’s projects listed on this website.  In line with World Outreach policies, 10% of each donation is retained to meet administrative expenses of World Outreach and a further 5% is retained to cover expenses related to this fundraising campaign.  

All other funds will be used to meet the program expenses of the children’s projects.

As noted above, with the exception of administrative & fundraising expenses, all other funds raised through this WO Kids Campaign will be booked on specifically designated accounts and used to meet program expenses.

Please note that program expenses may also involve the costs of field visits by WOI personnel for program monitoring & evaluation purposes.  

World Outreach is a faith-based missions organisation. Therefore, World Outreach missionaries are not paid and depend on the Lord’s provision to raise their own support. 

If you wish to support the missionary(-ies) responsible for these projects, we kindly request you to make a specific donation via the World Outreach website:

Payment gateways on average charge a 3.5% fee for the processing of credit card payments – costs that we cannot absorb.

If you wish to absorb this cost, we invite you to tick the relevant box on the donation page. Alternatively, please feel free to make a gift via giro, bank transfer or by sending a cheque.

Donations are tax deductible for taxpayers in the following countries:


World Outreach USA is registered with the IRS as a charitable organization and we are able to provide tax donation receipts under our 501c3. Any US funds donated to WO are eligible to receive a donation receipt when our office processes the funds or as long as there is adequate paperwork to substantiate the donation.


All donations that come into the officially registered Canada World Outreach office from within Canada, receive an official Evangelical World Outreach of Canada tax receipt. All charitable donations through a registered Canadian charitable organization can be claimed on the Canadian Income Tax Return.  


UK taxpayers are able to register for the Gift Aid scheme which means donors (who pay tax) can increase the value of their gift to WOI. Gift Aid is one of the simplest and most effective ways of giving to a charity. It is a scheme introduced by the Inland Revenue which allows us to claim 25p for every £1 that is donated.

For example, if a donor donates £20 we can claim an extra £5, making the gift worth £25.

The Gift Aid guidelines require a Gift Aid Declaration Form to be completed. It gives us the data we need to be able to claim Gift Aid on a donation.

We always welcome volunteers!

If you wish to be personally involved with one of the projects, World Outreach offers short- and longer-term mission opportunities. 

Please refer to the following website for more details:

World Outreach International Incorporated is a charity registered in New Zealand (registration number: CC33593) and with registered address at Laidlaw Building, 6th floor, 20 Amersham Way, Manukau City, Auckland.  World Outreach International’s Financial Statements are audited by RSM Hayes Audit, Level 1, 1 Broadway, New Market.  

World Outreach exercises strict oversight over the activities of its mission partners and the children’s ministry projects listed on this website. All mission partners are visited annually, finance and schedules permitting, and assessed annually by their respective field leaders with regard to the results, goals and objectives of their ministries. All mission partners are required to sign an Ethics and Moral Conduct Policy Form. Failure to comply with this policy may lead to dismissal of the mission partner or field worker.


For queries regarding our projects or concerning the processing of your donation, please contact:

Thank you very much for partnering with us!

God bless,

The WO Kids Ministry Team

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