Feeding The Children in Bangladesh​


Bangladesh is still a poor country. Large numbers of children are deprived daily of proper meals. We want to help these children with at least one nutritious meal every day and also give them a primary education.

Generation Bangladesh is feeding 170 children every day and provides tuition to many of these children who come to our centers.


US$0.70 per meal
170 children
US$21 for one child per month


We hope that by providing nutritious food, the children can develop well physically as well have strong immunity against diseases and illnesses during their life.

By helping to educate them, we hope they will be able to acquire knowledge and learn skills so that they will have a better chance in life as they grow up.

This project is really making a difference to families-in-need. It allows for long-term relationships to be built as opposed to one-off handouts. We can also engage with non-Christian families in a holistic and non-threatening way, while impressing them with the love of Christ for their children.


Generation Bangladesh was founded in 1999 by Suhken and Puspa and is now a registered charity in Bangladesh. It currently has 60 staff and volunteers who are ministering to the children.

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