Hostel of Hope in Myanmar


Hostel of Hope is located in two locations in the outskirts of Yangon, and currently houses 66 children. These are children from extremely poor Christian families in the Naga Hills – in the north of Myanmar. Most are from two tribal cultural groups, namely the Makuri and the Tanshang Naga people.

The property was purchased and renovated with funds raised by World Outreach International after the devastating Nargis cyclone in 2008. This enabled the children who were then in a wrecked bamboo structure to move into a solid home environment close to a school. There is an increasing need for more of these kids to be given health care, education and a chance to break free from the cycle of subsistence farming and semi-starvation that many face in these hill areas. Their parents are so grateful for their kids to be given a chance of a better life – even if they have to leave home – as this is something they never had. There are no doctors or schools in many villages in the district.

There is also another Naga tribe called Tanshang, which is strongly influenced by drugs. In desperation, 50 boys and 10 girls were sent to two Buddhist Monastery. The monks then requested us to accept 43 of those children in our hostel. We could not refuse because we could train them up in the way of Lord and not Buddhism, as well as give them an education. So we now have 66 children in our two homes in Yangon. Thank you very much for understanding the difficult situation of these children. Some of the children have tuberculosis and are receiving special treatment.


66 students

US$50 monthly to support each student


Education is a privilege that is highly appreciated by the poor in Myanmar. School fees are often too much to afford. Having come from destitute families, these children cannot attend school unless they come to a hostel. The children are very grateful for the regular meals and care which  they receive.


Hostel of Hope was founded by Generation Ministry in 2008 after Cyclone Nargris. It is now led by local leaders headed by Suzanna.

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