Literacy Program in North East India


Our school initially started as a Basic Education Project to teach children how to read and write. These children were aged 5 to 12 years and should have been in school but as their parents are migrant workers who live below the poverty line, they could not afford school fees. Four of these children are now in their teens. Unfortunately, due to old cultural beliefs, Hindu parents do not think that education is essential for girls.

The school now has about twenty-five children. There are several others who go to sub-standard schools, but come in the afternoons and during school holidays to be tutored. Three of the twelve year old boys usually leave midway to go back to work as shop-errand-boys and truck-driver-helpers to help bear the burdens of their widowed mothers.

The majority of these children are learning alphabets and numbers for the first time. Much improvement has taken place but there is still a long way to go. Their parents are very grateful and hope they can continue with the help they are getting. In fact, one of them said, “Please keep them in for more hours!”

There are currently nine of us teaching these young ones who need personal attention and are at different stages of learning. And, due to a lack of parenting, we are working hard to help these children getting used to study. We have chapel services to share the Gospel with them and freely pray with them.


30 students

9 staff and teachers

US$50 monthly to run the program


We hope to provide these children with hope and a future and to feel loved by Christ.


Generation Ministries India was founded by Peter and Bevs van der Westhuyzen, missionaries from New Zealand.

They have been in full-time missions ministry for over 30 years after Peter’s career as a project design engineer. They headed up the New Zealand team for Asian Outreach before founding Generation Ministries.

Their ministry targets the children of Asia – particularly in restricted-access nations of China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Northeast India. Their goal is to see 100,000 children won to Christ.

The work in Northeast India is now headed by Manikhombi Khundongbam.

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