Maziotela Ministries Preschools in Mozambique


Maziotela Ministries Preschool was set up so that village children can have the unique opportunity to participate in a preschool program. The preschool focuses on the spiritual, physical, mental and social development of the children.

In rural villages where there are absolutely no preschool programs, Maziotela Ministries Preschool Program exists to:

– train teams of  teachers and volunteers from rural village churches;

– provide ongoing mentoring, supervision and resources to facilitate the functioning of the three existing preschools;

– to train teachers for future preschools of churches and other organisations.


80+ students

13 staff and teachers

US$2 per child month


We hope that all the children can hear of God’s love through stories, songs and the preschool program.


Maziotela Ministries Preschool was founded in 2014 by Jenny Ayling, a missionary from New Zealand. It has been handed over to local leaders.

Support for Maziotela Ministries Preschools in Mozambique
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