New Hope Boarding Home in Indonesia


New Hope Ministries was founded over 20 years ago with the vision to impact the Dayak people with the Gospel of Christ. Still living in remote villages where they face huge economic challenges and poor infrastructure, the Dayaks are still steeped into animism. They are subject to family break-ups. Besides that, substance abuse (alcohol and tobacco), a poor diet and hard labour cause health issues and early death. As a result, many children are not properly schooled, some are neglected and others orphaned.

New Hope Ministries’ Boarding Home in Sanggau offers new hope for these children. In this boarding home, we provide care for about 120 girls and boys aged between 6 and 21 years. They live in a nurturing, loving, healthy and safe environment. From the home, they are sent to nearby schools to complete their education with the hope of a better future.

Christ is shared in everything that is done in this school where the children experience the tangible love of God, grow in their own faith and get an opportunity to develop their potential.


110 students

12 staff and teachers

US$75 monthly to assist students who can’t afford fees (30 students)


It is our hope that the children who graduate from New Hope become influencers in their communities and pass on the hope they found in Christ to others.


New Hope Ministries was started in 1999 by the late John Leroy with his wife Yolande. The ministry is now headed by Wolfgang and Heldi Oelschlegel, a missionary couple from Germany.

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