Nutrition for Malnourished Infants in Mozambique


O Bom Samaritano runs a nutrition program for orphans and malnourished infants. The malnutrition is often caused by undernourished mothers who are unable to produce enough breast milk. To help these children, we track the physical growth of the babies and provide milk, porridge and moringa, a local plant food supplement. When the parents or grandparents are here, we also teach them in the proper preparation of food (e.g. cooking better porridge), and we share the Gospel of God’s love to them.

As a ministry, O Bom Samaritano addresses urgent medical needs in the Mossuril district of Nampula province in northern Mozambique. In this area, there are only 3 doctors for 170,000 people. Most people walk to their fields every day to tend their crops, and have no access to running water or sanitation. Due to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, the average life expectancy is only 55 years. Consequently, there are many orphaned children, who are taken care off by grandparents, neighbours, aunts & uncles.

O Bom Samaritano offers healthcare through a highly decentralised network of health posts. These are located in small villages – often far removed from the main roads & urban centres -, and are staffed by local volunteers. Aside from a small, initial investment for the construction of the post, the health posts are financially self-sufficient. O Bom Samaritano grows and packages the natural medicines, while health post volunteers diagnose the patients for afflictions such as wounds,  rheumatism, malarial and other diseases. The infant feeding program is run concurrently by the healthcare posts, which also organise activity programs for older orphaned children.


Serving up to 100 infants

US$10 per infant per month

We need US$1,000 monthly (mostly for milk powder)


The mission is to help nourish these infants at their early development stage so they will grow well and be less susceptible to sicknesses during their lives.


Myriam Wahr, a nurse from Germany, started this work in 2008 among the Macua people in Mozambique, calling it “O Bom Samaritano” (The Good Samaritan).

Support for Nutrition for Malnourished Infants in Mozambique
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