Orphans Program in Macua, Mozambique


We run an orphan program once a week in most of our healthcare houses. It is always wonderful to see a total of 1052 orphans who have no mother, father or both parents,attending these programs. During this time, the children get the opportunity to listen to Bible stories, sing, paint pictures and play together. Depending on available funds, once or twice a year we help provide some useful items by purchasing and giving the children stationery, exercise books, and footballs (e.g. one ball per 20 kids). We also try to provide snacks such as biscuits, milk and soft drinks, which are a special blessing for them.


1052 orphans

Once a week in 66 healthcare houses

US$120 monthly to run this program


We hope to bring the message of God’s love and hope as a Father to these children who have lost their earthly parents. We pray that these children will feel a touch from the Lord and also know that they are special, that they can know there is a place they can run to if they encounter any problems in their lives. Some of these children are already growing up and starting to serve with us in our healthcare houses.


Myriam Wahr, a trained nurse from Germany, started this work in 2008, under the umbrella of “O Bom Samaritano”,  among the Macua people group in Mozambique.

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