Outreach Program in India


We run a Children’s Program that lays a Christian foundation for young children in terms of morals, basic manners, values of life and personal hygiene. We conduct activities such as singing, story-telling, colouring, praying and the telling of Bible stories.

We also run a Program for Teenage Girls. In this program, we equip the girls with cooking skills, teach them basic hygiene, age-specific healthcare and sexuality. On the spiritual side, we learn from Bible characters, train them in Gospel sharing, prayer and worship leading, teaching and even get them involved in outreach activities.

In our  Adult Women & Mothers Program, we inculcate Christian family values and stress the importance of a healthy family relationship. These mothers are also taught about communicable diseases, hygiene, home-making, and healthy cooking. They also receive training in outreach, house visitation and language skills as most are illiterate.


10 students

6 staff and teachers

US$100 monthly to run the program


The long-term impact of this ministry is the building of God’s kingdom and the transformation of lives – children, teens, especially women, and mothers – in order to become leaders in ministry. These women are equipped to disciple in order to fulfil the Great Commission, while the  children are taught to distinguish the Way of truth and to develop a relationship with God so that they can become responsible citizens. At the same time, through proper education and guidance, we hope to elevate their socioeconomic status.


Outreach India is currently headed by Pastor John George together with his family. He also runs Aashray Home in Andhra Pradesh, another outreach ministry within India.

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