Quality Christian Education in West Africa


Christian School La Semence in Ivory Coast is a Nursery, Primary and Secondary School and has students from different ethnic groups, religions and social backgrounds, including 10% mentally and physically disabled children. The main focus is to bring children to Christ through Christian Education and to search for excellence in every area of life. We are providing full education, from ages 2 to 16 years, including transport and food, and impacting their lives with the Gospel of Christ and Christian values.


100 students

25 staff and teachers

US$50 monthly to assist students who cannot afford fees (30 students)


We hope to:

– transform children’s lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ;

– impact the new generation;

– raise up leaders in Africa with Christian character, integrity, caring social conscience and diligent work ethic, who will benefit the community and the nation;

– encourage an appreciation and honouring of the gifts and talents of others which will strengthen the fibre of families and communities;

– set up multiple schools by training teachers and principals to teach through encouragement and loving, righteous discipline rather than fear and punishment;

– transform family life by teaching Christian values and respect of family members, neighbours and the environment.


Christian School La Semence in Ivory Coast was set up by Janvier and Claudine Yokoinele in 2007. The school has branched out to other nations in West Africa.

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