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Siam Care Foundation in Thailand has been helping 300 vulnerable and dependent children to attend school.  When they do not go to school, they miss the basics to build a stable future. However, there is not always enough money to do so. For instance when parents die of HIV, and their guardians (grandparents or other family members) who take over the care do not earn enough. Through child-sponsorship these children can go to school. They can have hope and work on their future to take care for themselves. 
Siam Care Foundation help these children with:
  • School fees
  • School uniforms and shoes
  • Transportation costs
  • Counseling
  • Medical check


300 students

11 staff

US$35 monthly to assist needy students


With your help, Siam-Care can set the children free from the negative cycle. Children in our sponsorship program get to study and work on their future. They are coached by our staff and their school performance is  closely monitored to try and ensure success. We also invite the children to our Children Camp where they are informed about HIV and hear about their Creator Jesus. we hope to impact their lives and that of their families in a positive way through our efforts.


In 1996 ‘Christian Outreach’ was handed over to Thai nationals and continued under the name ‘Siam-Care’. The Foundation was first registered in the Netherlands, but as of June 2005 Siam-Care is a Thai Foundation registered under the Ministry of Interior (Kor. Thor 1446). Siam-Care Foundation has an official status as NGO working on HIV/Aids. In 2011 it also acquired official status as an NGO dealing with human rights and human trafficking issues foundation. Siam Care is now headed by Peter and Natasja Kelder.

Website : Siam Care Foundation

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