South Asia

Generation Bangladesh organises camps for children of different faiths and teaches them about the Christian faith.

Help provide children with at least one nutritious meal every day and give them a primary education.

Providing food and medical care to vulnerable women and children in rural Bangladesh.

By offering a safe and loving home to young girls, we hope to shape the future of their families and villages.

Asha Ghar (House of Hope) Children Club offers skills and hope to children in crime-infested areas.

A volunteer-run program providing education to children of migrant workers and the broader community.

Helping to equip children and young women with valuable life-skills and biblical values.

Providing young men and women in remote Indian mountain villages with education and healthcare.

 Offering girls a safe and nurturing environment where they are loved, valued and empowered through quality education.

A mission school bringing English language education to Bengali and Tripuri communities in North East India

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