South East Asia

Mount Hope, a Christian school in Kalimantan Indonesia, offering children an education and the opportunity to receive Christ into their lives.

Education, a nurturing environment and hope for the future for children of the Dayak people. 

Kindness comes in three: 3 boarding homes for children in Yangon, Jungpiaw and Miawngmyah, Myanmar.

Hostel of Hope offers children from extremely poor communities a chance to break free from a cycle of subsistence farming and semi-starvation.

Discipleship and outreach activities to children and church planting in their communities.

SILC school, Ho Chi Minh, seeks to train and raise future Godly and faithful leaders for God’s kingdom.  

Raising Hmong children from believing and pre-believing families to become faithful Christians and Hmong Christian leaders.

Providing vulnerable children from parents with HIV with education, hope and a future.

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