Sunday School Curriculum in Local Languages


Generation Ministries, partnering with Sun Focus Foundation has translated, introduced and published complete sets of Sunday School curriculum teaching resources in four languages – Arabic, Vietnamese, Bangladeshi and Khmer. Over 70,000 “Grow Up with Jesus” (CBL) book/visual aid sets have been printed each containing 26 lessons for children aged 4 to 12. All in all, the curriculum offers 400 lessons for 8 years of Sunday school teaching. These curricula, usually being the only one of their kind in the local language, have been used by more than 2,200 churches in Egypt and hundreds of other churches in the Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam. Grow up with Jesus has proven to be an effective and extremely useful resource that has helped thousands of Sunday School teachers to teach, disciple and guide children in many churches to Christ. The next language to be translated into is the Burmese language, where a complete set of Sunday school curriculum materials for the 4 to 14 year age group is not yet available.


4 languages completed – Arabic, Bengali, Vietnamese and Khmer

>70,000 curriculum sets distributed and used by teachers

US$100 per set of Sunday School curriculum & resources


The impact of the Sunday school materials has been immeasurable. It serves as the only resource for  Sunday School teachers in Egypt, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam to teach the Gospel to local children and assists them in running effective Sunday School classes through songs, stories, drama, etc.


Generation Ministries was founded by Peter and Bev van der Westhuyzen.

Support for Sunday School Curriculum in Local Languages
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