Teachers & Children Ministry Workers in Bangladesh


God is doing great things in Bangladesh. Presently, the Church in Bangladesh is growing rapidly especially in rural areas. Most of the new believers are poor and illiterate. There are now more than twenty-five denominations in Bangladesh sharing the Gospel to their fellowmen.
In recent years, God gave us the opportunity to visit various churches in rural areas of Bangladesh. We observed that most of the newly established congregations do not have a Children’s Ministry for their young ones. Their Sunday services are run by and for adults – this includes worship, teaching, prayer and preaching. So the children are not getting any biblical teaching nor any ministry. New believers are unable to teach their children because they themselves are new to the faith and are illiterate. The congregation leaders, too, do not have an idea about Children Ministry as they are also new believers. We found hundreds of children in each of those newly established congregations.

God spoke in our hearts that all those children are the future of those congregations. If they cannot grow spiritually, someday all those congregations in the rural areas in Bangladesh will die because of a lack of good spiritual Christian next-generation-leadership.

Through our program, we are helping these newly established congregations to start their Children Ministries.


6,395 Sunday School teachers trained

1,200 new teachers trained per year

US$800 monthly to run this training program


We aim to equip children ministry workers in newly established congregations in rural areas with modern mindsets and ideas in conducting their children ministries. Our goal is to equip these ministry workers with effective approaches, creative ideas and efforts to raise up the next generation of children in God’s Kingdom.


Generation Bangladesh is founded by Peter and Bev van der Westhuyzen with local partners Sukhen and Puspa.

Support for Teachers & Children Ministry Workers in Bangladesh
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