Teachers & Children’s Ministry Workers in Egypt


The Church in Egypt is growing rapidly, especially in the rural areas with most of the new believers from poor and illiterate backgrounds. It is heartwarming to see the different denominations working together to spread the Good News of Salvation. Over the years, we have seen how God opens doors of opportunity for us to visit churches in these rural areas. During those visits, we have observed that most new congregations were lacking a ministry for the children. Sunday services and other activities were more targeted at adults. As a result, children were not receiving the biblical teaching and ministry they need. Having just converted to the Christian faith and at the same time illiterate, many of these new believers were still unaware on how to teach their children. Also, the leaders of these congregations, being new believers themselves, were personally not exposed to Children Ministry. We found a gap that we could fill among these hundreds of children congregated in the newly established churches.

That was also when God spoke to our hearts and helped us see those children as the future of the Egyptian Church.  Unless they grow spiritually there will not be continuity due to a lack of good next-generation Christian leadership. So that’s how we started and here we are working our hearts out to help to start a children’s ministry in their own gathering.


6 full-time/2 part-time staff

US$2500 to conduct Sunday School teacher training

2 training sessions each year


We would like to help all the children ministers in those new rural congregations to be more effective in their ministry to the children. Our goal is to equip children ministers for ministry, equipping them with new thoughts, ideas and creative strategies to raise up the next generation of godly leaders in our country.


This children’s ministry workers’ training program was founded in 1987 by Nathan and Sawsan Bassaly. They are joined by their daughter Maggie Bassaly.

Support for Teachers & Children’s Ministry Workers in Egypt
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