When hope rises for Sushmita and Renuka

Take a moment to meet *Sushmita and *Renuka from the Tripura Missions school in N.E. India. The school offers Christian English education to the local Bengali and Tripuri tribal communities.

*Sushmita is nine years old and walks 6km to get to Tripura Missions School – crossing a river and a railway track along the way. She plays competitive sports and dreams of becoming a pilot one day. As her parents cannot fully support her studies, the school would like to offer her partial sponsorship. Sushmita has shown a strong improvement in her school results and is keen to see other young girls in her village attend the school as well.

*Renuka is six years old and attends Kindergarten. Renuka is a quiet and calm girl. She has just lost her father after he climbed up a coconut tree to pick a coconut for her and fell out of the tree. Renuka is now cared for by her grandfather who is only able to do small-scale subsistence farming. He is, however, determined for Renuka to continue her schooling in order to equip her for the future. The school management is seeking funds so that she can continue with her studies despite her family’s tragic loss.

In an area lacking in schools, the Tripura missions school offers hope to children like Sushmita and Renuka, and to their parents and villages, for education to bring a better future.

If you would like to know more about the Tripura Missions School, please click here>>


* Names have been changed to protect identities.


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