Women and Children Clinic in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is still a very poor country and the public medical system in many parts of the country remains very underdeveloped. There is a lack of proper health care and medical treatment. Also many mothers are abandoned along with their young children due to economic crises and social problems. With very limited income, these mothers and children face many challenges. Thousands of such poor families live from hand to mouth and cannot afford nutritious food, proper medical care or medicine.

When sickness hits, this same group cannot afford the money needed for medical treatment. Families suffering from malnutrition are especially susceptible to this. And since these families do not have the means to get medical attention and buy the necessary medicine, their condition deteriorates until it becomes very bad.

Generation Bangladesh helps to meet the medical needs of these families by running private clinics where basic healthcare is provided to the poorest of the poor in a few rural areas of Bangladesh.


Weekly Medical Clinic     

80 women & children seen weekly

Medicines dispensed weekly    



We hope that by making basic healthcare available to the poorest of the poor, they will receive help before they become seriously ill. With this project, we are able to minister effectively to women and children and establish long-term relationships as opposed to one-off handouts. By engaging with non-Christian families in a holistic and non-threatening way, we are able to show the love of Christians to these women and their children.


Generation Bangladesh was founded in 1999 by Suhken and Puspa and is now a registered charity in Bangladesh. It currently has 60 staff and volunteers who are ministering to the children.

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